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Welcome to Nicely Put. This is a blogsite that is mainly aimed at film and film review but we also do:

  • Music

  • Lists

  • Humour

  • Current Affairs

  • Opinion

However our main love is movies as you will see.

We are here because the creator of this site was sick of every movie review site being adverts for whatever your cookies dictate. As if clicking a box to view a site justified cursor displacement, clicking on things and then it moves to the sponsored option so you end up on that. Having to wait for all videos and ads to launch before looking at anything, and, that most evil thing, "click to see next entry" eeuugh!

So Martin decided to create a site for filmlovers and bloggers alike. A utopia where you will be told and not sold. 

This is not a site for earning. All we ask is you subscribe and share. Thanks and enjoy the site!

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