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Active is Attractive

Look at many websites and you will see one of the cardinal mistakes. Style over content.

It will be full of pizazz with aesthetically pleasing graphics, everything looks great. Then you go to find more and what do you see? Nothing newer than two years old.

Then you see another site. It is presentable, not too flashy, certainly not as captivating to look at as the first one. However, what it does have is a monthly/weekly/daily blog entry. It shows someone is attending every day, and it gives you an idea of what this company does. 

Which do you pick?

So the first commandment of blogging here a Nicely Put is Active is Attractive.

This is our exclusive scheme of notification to your customers and the waiting world. It costs you little but will make you big. From as little as £10. Why not get in touch and let us set you up in the blogosphere!

What is Active is Attractive?

It is a section of our business that deals with the running of blogs and updates via social media. We interview you and your staff and we publish intermittent articles via the free Wix blog service to keep you relevant, appealing, scoring high in SEO and ranking, and of course, attractive!

What are the benefits?

  • Makes your site look active

  • Keeps your customers and clients involved

  • Adds content to your social media presence 

  • Bring in direct revenue from advertising and affiliate links

  • Increase your ranking on search engines

  • A tool to showcase your work

  • Reward your staff with individual profiles 

  • Gets people taking about your company

  • Can be added to, amended, or removed at any point

  • Flexible and regulation free advertising

What does it cost?

Not as much as you think!

Prices start at £10 per month. We create a bespoke package depending on your needs. You can choose regularity, content, quality, length, and saturation. Costs for these vary as we like to make everyone a package that is suited to them, not closest to them.

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