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We are interested and accept guest bloggers. To inquire we ask you subscribe to the blog (non-subscribers will not be considered). Once done please email Martin with any ideas or questions. Please note the following:

  • All work must be original and not posted elsewhere

  • We would expect you to share the work as well as us (we pay to advertise so you will get exposure)

  • All work to be submitted first. We proof-read but do not edit. If you send in spelling mistakes or grammatical errors it will be returned for you to change

  • We also do not edit content. It is your work and we would not presume to do that 

  • If agreed we ask it be completed withing four weeks of agreement

So if that sounds good, give us a shout!


If you commit to a piece, we expect it done. We have been let down multiple times, and somehow each time it is a family incident/injury. We were not born yesterday. Please do not waste our time and we will not waste yours. This site and blog takes work and we coordinate all entries. As mentioned we pay to boost the work, your work! To tell us something, let us plan it and then do a dirt is wrong. If you do it please do not insult us with sob stories. There is no trauma in the world that means you could not have said something over the course of a month!

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