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Most BORING Songs Ever! Pretty self explanatory right? Ever been listening to the radio and a song comes on that makes you long for the commercial break? These are the songs that do it. Some are from awesome artists, most are not.


Goes without saying that this is an objective piece of work. I get that some people may find Here Comes the Sun and All You Need is Love boring. I know some may say Imagine and Albion are musically tedious. So they may, this writer here, doesn't. So before you want to get abusive, nail your colours to the mast, tell us what YOU think in the comments section and, as always,, don't forget to like and subscribe


Without further ado:


  • Bill Withers: Lovely Day

Sorry but he repeats "journ-n-ney" about twenty squillion times


  • Moloko: Sing it Back

Music channel and regional radio fave, Dance music to stand still to


  • Shola Ama: Need Somebody

A cover of Randy Crawford apparently. Either way, dull as ditchwater and if I had to choose a number one, this could be it


  • Green Day: Good Riddance (Time of your Life)

Billy Joe has a wavering voice that tries to save this but it is a chord-strung monotone borefest and not worthy of inclusion alongside other excellent ballads such as When September Ends

  • Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel: Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me )

Soundtrack fave and dial change magnet


  • Sixpence None the Richer: Kiss Me

From the movie "She's All That". Says it all really.


  • Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue: Kids

Robbie can put a tune together, admittedly Guy Chambers has to do all the writing and music. Here he did not and lord does it show. Dull and formulaic,


  • Eagle-Eye Cherry: Save Tonight

Weird narrative video. Song was tedious, lazy, and awful. Proving that family is not always talent-equal. Cousin Neneh is eons ahead of this dross.


  • Soul II Soul: Back to Life

Were you alive in 1989? If so this jolting rever-effect video and the ubiquitous album that followed (Vol II...yikes) would have been as prevelant as Black Box were


  • Bill Withers: Ain't no Sunshine

A brace for Bill Withers. He just repeats and repeats and repeats and he knows and he knows and etc etc etc


  • Massive Attack: Unfinished Sympathy

Love Massive Attack. One of my favourite bands ever. This was their Wonderwall. As in it was popular and weak.


  • Guns N Roses: Sweet Child 'O Mine

Also love G 'n R. My first ever favourite band. My first album. This song starts great. It just drags and drags


  • China Black: Searching

Local radio 1994 standard. Played to death. Soppy and aiming to be a soulful Michael Jackson-esque tune and it fails all over the place


  • New Order: Blue Monday

Never liked Joy Division much, liked New Order even less. Overproduced and plinky-plonky.


  • Fleetwod Mac: Dreams

Once again everyone loves them, I think they are shite-boring. Lester Bangs agrees with me. Think you know better than him? Tell us why? Didn't think so.


  • Womack & Womack: Teardrops

Husband and wife effort. On paper they should have killed it. One is the brother of Bobby Womack, the other the daughter of Sam Cooke. The pedigree was there but proved -with a certainty not seen since John/Julian Lennon and Ozzy/Kelly Osbourne- that musical talent and artistic appeal, is not genetic. Should've just had a family barbecue


  • Robert Miles: Children

The most boring non-vocal song ever. Sounds like an intro to a Promotional Health & Safety training video


  • Oasis: Wonderwall

Love Oasis, hate this. A catalogue of amazing music and this bore is ranked highest. Not even close to "Don't Look Back in Anger."


  • Ed Sheeran: Galway Girl

Up his own arse, boring and just a load of sentences. "I went to a pub and I saw this girl and I talked to her, and I think she was nice and I sometimes went, and I am doing this and zzzzzzz ....Xenophobic cliches aplenty, brand namechecks so he gets a bit of extra cash, plus of course: THERE IS NO BAR ON GRAFTON STREET! Doughnut.


  • Prince: Purple Rain

Artist of unspeakable integrity and talent. Not my personal taste but a groundbreaking stalwart and an all-time greatest, no question. This song though, is endless, not timeless.




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