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Ten Most Annoying Males on Screen


Released as a sort of duo. In the interests of equality. It was a lot easier to find ten annoying male characters. This is either because men are more irritating, men get more roles so are statistically bound to get more entries into any top ten list, or it is both.

Here at Nicely Put we are not judgemental. We find anyone can be annoying regardless of chromosome. However, for analysis' sakes we have divvied it up. After reading the top ten annoying females, found here, please remember to like and subscribe. Remember we are an independent organisation All is paid for privately, we have no-ads or pop ups and we never will. Surely that is worth putting your name to.

Unless you are Lisa Kudrow or Jonah Hill, I expect a pass from them.

Seth Rogen as Ben Stone in Knocked Up

Now here is something of a trope. It is prevalent in all of Seth Rogen's films, but I focus on this one because in addition, he also physically threatens the life of a doctor with explicit and specific threats of violence because he attended a party and happened to not be present when his equally entitled missus started to cough out a unit. It is not in most versions, but it was in the first release.

The issue is that he ALWAYS makes it a point to have everyone love him in all his films. Knocked Up, This is the End, Zack and Miri, 50/50, The Interview, and Pineapple Express. They ALL have it where at least one character is vocal about what an amazing guy he is, and he basically always is a sexually deviant selfish loser. In 50/50 he is diabolically manipulative, and in Pineapple he is a professional snitch who drags James Franco into lethal danger and repays him by insulting him when (surprise surprise) Franco wants to be his friend. He used to be funny, now I just find his phony oft-sexual self-deprecation to be creepy and his advancing techniques of dating already balls-deep into inappropriate and often burgeoning on criminal

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller in Friends

That stupid droopy look, the expectant way he delays the last word of a sentence and then says it in a pitiful whimper, as well as the ubiquitous whiny rhetoric gives Ross the very dubious honour of being the most annoying of the males that make up half of the most despicably awful characters ever to grace our screens.

This is not a popular opinion, and I have often wondered if it is just me. However, I have tried other US sitcoms and enjoyed them. Friends though, is lazy, formulaic, immature, overly sexual, and the only show on earth where you can guess the next line almost every time.

Raj Koothrapali in The Big Bang Theory

It was truly difficult to pick. The male characters are all annoying as hell. However, it is Raj with his (as one of his victims said) lack of boundary issues, his gleeful invading of personal space and over-physicality with his best friend, endless self-deprecating racism, financial pathos, and vile way he both cons one of his best friends into thinking he slept with the girl he loves to ACTUALLY sleeping with the girl he loves. When he gets a little fame, he becomes a total jerkoff. However, it is mostly the uncomfortable embarrassing inappropriateness with his best friend that scores highest. Not easy to feel sorry for the self-confessed multiple sex-crime committing Howard, but Raj will do it.

Jonah Hill as Jonah Hill but focusing Seth in Superbad

Like Seth Rogen. For me it is the fact that he has NEVER played a likeable character that I have seen. Get him to the Greek, This is the End, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he just seems to do arsehole so well.

It is in Superbad he reigns through. Whilst wildly funny, he is a thieving, bullying, perverted, manipulative, and hugely unpleasant mess. None of the three mains are particularly endearing (sorry, its irrational but Michael Cera's voice is like ricin to my ears) but Seth is the behemoth of distaste.

Adam Sandler as in Big Daddy

For God’s sake he nearly kills people in the park, invades someone’s home who chooses not to give on Halloween and threatens them, and expects to raise a kid with no discipline and get away with it. Fuck him. I wanted to see him go to federal prison for aggravated burglary and kidnapping. No sympathy here

Michael Welch as Mike Newton in Twilight Franchise

Good grief man! Stop pestering her. He is not just annoyingly immature, always making stupid phrases and behaving like a gimbod, he is massively inappropriate. Firstly, Bella is back from a car crash, he tries to get in with her, then, she is seconds back from a long depression after being dumped, he does it again, not three sentences in. He would be more subtle if he walked up to her naked and poked her in the ear with an erect penis. Let the girl breathe. After all, it is Bella Swann, hardly candidate for the most charismatic girl in town, especially as he has Anna Kendrick licking her lips at him! Thats like sulking for not getting tickets to Rotherham FC when someone sends you a Villa Park season ticket.

This guy is as definite a future date-rapist as anyone can ever be.

Homer Simpson

Yeah....for a while, maybe. It is just the laziness and the salivating sound, and the stupid selfishness gets stale after a while. Some people will.... actually, fuck some people, this is my list.

They recently cancelled Apu because he lampooned and caricaturised his race. Albeit fairly and accurately. I am waiting for them to ban scenes of Homer strangling Bart. Never sat right with me, and if the prattish liberals are looking for anything, that should come before Apu. We love Apu.

Michael Gray in Peaky Blinders:

"We've paid for some drinks, and we're going to drink them" he says in the Marquess of Lorne pub fight. In an accent veering somewhere between home counties, Brum, and Transylvania. Never warming, never appealing. Has none of the charisma of his real-life brother who played the lovable John Shelby.

However, main bugbear is his behaviour in series 5. After betraying Tommy, he is banished to New York where he is inexplicably placed at the helm of the business. He ignores Tommy's orders to sell up and in doing so loses all the money in the crash of '29. Reason being he was having cocaine-fuelled sex games with his hella-annoying soon-to-be wife. Read more about her here.

He then has the nutsack to act indignant and offended at the family not trusting and punishing him. Making a big show outside of the station: "THIS IS MY FAMILY, GINA" he sulks aloud as she coos as says "Forget them babe". All this forgetting he bankrupted them and sent the leader to his possible death, the whingeing little toe rag seems to think having a wife and her expecting means all is forgiven and he should be allowed to carry on.

I have a real craving to see Arthur show the whiny brat just what would have happened if he had not been held back.

Brian Griffin

Remember that scene where Brian is being berated by Quagmire in the restaurant? If so, that was like my thoughts repeated. His "textbook liberal agenda" was a favourite. Since then the show has made more of a joke of his arrogance and self-importance and phoney intellectualism (when Peter gets smart and they talk about books is a classic highlight) but before that it was just part of him. Also, before any twerp says it, yes, we realise he is a dog and it is a cartoon. Yet you do not complain about Raj, who is in a show where four best friends all have permanent residencies researching in the same university for years at a time. A talking animated dog is questionably more likely than that

Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man

WOAH PUMP THE BRAKES!!! I KNOW he has Autism, that is fine. I am not making any reference to that. We ignore details that are superfluous. He could have any disease, or not, it does not have a bearing on the decision. He is an annoying little fucker. He demands, he ruins his brother's business and makes life impossible. He refuses to fly, then refuses to drive on a main road. It is capped, however, by the flipping out if he does not get to watch whatever show he wants in a strangers house. I know he can't help it, I am aware of that. Before you huff and puff and tweet this as "disgusting" ask yourself honestly; do you not see what I mean at all? There you go.

Honourable Mentions

AJ Soprano - The Sopranos

Howard Wolowitz/Sheldon Cooper/Leonard Hofstader - The Big Bang Theory

Gaylord Fokker - Meet the Parents

Blaine - Glee

Buggin' Out - Do the Right Thing


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