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What can we do for you?

You have already met the sharks, they are busy researching and gobbling krill to keep your questions relevant and accurate.

So why us? Here is why:

  • No spam: Go to any quiz night question download page...ADS...SPAM...POP-UPS...E MAILS. You get none of that here. Just a clean, happy, friendly site.

  • A dedicated personal service: You will have a spreadsheet under your name with our entire database of questions. When you are sent one, it is deleted so you get guaranteed fresh every time!

  • Bespoke: In your personal database, you will have a bespoke section so you can choose subjects or levels JUST FOR YOU!

  • Google-Proof Questions! Not saying your contestants will cheat, in fact we are saying they won't! As long as you take the ungoogleable route! Perfect for tie-breakers

  • A huge database of over 5000 questions

  • A simple service. Sheets sent to you, as many as you wish, and one that includes answers. Electronic or posted

So please get in touch. Send us number of questions you want and any special requirements and we will send you an awesome price back

If you have individual requirements we can talk on the telephone. Please contact us by email in the first instance and either leave your number or we will respond immediately with ours.

email us here 

To give a fair example. Standard package of 60-100 questions random is £10 

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