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What do we Offer?

The Coral Package

Starting at £100

This is our introductory package. It has everything you need for a new dynamic site to increase interest and/or turnover in your project. The Coral package gives you:

  • A themed website

  • Setup with domain and web-hosting

  • Homepage, with a logo and your information and contact details

  • E-mail and telephone presence

  • A face to face consultancy with a designer to ensure it is best for you

  • Free pre-launch revisions

  • A blog

  • SEO

  • Access to Active is Attractive blog services

  • Marketing strategies

  • Apps to make your site stand out 

The Vesuvius Package

Starting at £185

Vesuvius is a great deal! It is perfect if you are looking for copy and marketing services. We keep an eye out for you and ensure you are armed with those things to make you better off than your competitors!

  • A themed site of up to ten pages 

  • Homepage and logo with copy and marketing that offers strong presence

  • Social Media setup and maintainance

  • Face to face consultancy with a designer and a pre-launch visit

  • Blog setup posts and advisory service

  • Strong SEO presence and ranking work

  • Marketing meetings 

  • Active is Attractive package included

The Mauritius Package

Bespoke Pricing

The Mauritius package is the Rolls Royce of what we offer. Dedicated and constant, it is an ideal choice if you operate in an ever-changing industry that requires an evolving web-presence:

  • A themed site with as much content as you require

  • Homepage and masthead with SEO optimised logo

  • Social Media creation, management, and monitoring

  • Face to Face consultancy and regular visits

  • 24hr on-call for changes and amendments

  • Blog creation and view-count maximisation

  • Ongoing SEO updates

  • Monthly exclusive updates 

  • Ongoing changes and improvements included

All prices are subject to change outside of pre-agreed terms

General price for non-package based ad-hoc work: £15.00ph

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