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There is a bunch, a whole bunch, of articles about Brexit, none of it is likely to be very original. Chances are it will be banal quasi-intellectual column space, or extremist poison from the side of humanity George Orwell hoped would remain fictional, but feared it would not.

I have very little to say that has not been said before. I will nail my colours to the mast, I am pro-EU, but that is not what is to be said here. I just wish to address all the leave crowd with two facts.

What is important is that if you are not in the leave camp for either of these reasons, then it is irrelevant. However, the chances are, if you are, then you will be lying about it, especially to yourself, as to admit it would make you something of an oxygen-thief.




So while you wave your flag and spout nationalist drivel like it is Last Night of the Proms; remember this:




It will increase it, as people will fall easier into the bracket of illegal status. So if you voted leave for that reason you have really re-defined the phrase: "ignorant twat." You will deny it is the reason, because everyone now knows it is a stupid concept. However, as much as it defies logic, people will remember what you said, as the chances are your words take up very little synapse room. You will say it wasn't the reason, but we heard you.


Secondly, and most emphatically:






You voted because you think "BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES" and we are nothing. Since the Suez crisis, we have been carried. We will now be without support from industry or technology. We will have to do it ourselves, we have no manufacturing sector. We are not great, we have no Dunkirk spirit and we will not come out on top, If you are one of these idiots who love to go on about "lest we never forget," or get weepy at Remembrance Sunday taking pride in achievements made before you were born (and have never served in the military,) you have a shock coming.



Let me give a perfect example of the people I refer to. Someone I used to work with, who told anyone who would listen how proud she was about the way we won the war, and how she "loves all that" and "loved to learn about it all". One morning, my manager and I were discussing the impending conflict with the Russians following recent espionage. I said we would not stand a chance against them if it went to war. Then Missy Stain-Tongue chipped in: She said:

"We have beaten them before." I asked when she thought that happened to which she replied;

"In world war 2"!

I explained how they were the ones who beat the Germans and we never fought them, holding back laughter. To be fair she dug herself out. She explained that she was referring to the first world war.


There is your Brexit breed. Stupid, but always capable of being stupider.


Although, everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it is wrong. The only ones I would like to see thrown screaming from a helicopter after having their fingers snapped off, are the millennial trash that didn't vote because "I didn't have an opinion so I didn't want to waste a vote"

Only this generation could use willful ignorance to deny denial.


See you all soon, back in the seventies.

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