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Short but sweet today. However, still very important. You know, there is but one thing

that can ruin my day. No matter what goes on. Lottery wins, marriage proposals, Premier League wins, or Pulitzer prizes, this would sour the lot.

One way street. Not what we want AT ALL

When you are traveling on a bus, and another is approaching and the two drivers DO NOT acknowledge each other with a wave. that hurts. It is the apprehension as well. The waiting as you approach for the "will they or won't they" moment, catalysed with the agony of that short blind period where you lose vision of the approaching driver, but you know he will still be mid-gesticulate when he will hove back into view, providing the universe allowed the right thing to happen. If not he drives past you, both hands firmly on the wheel, your day and his soul damaged forever

It is also worth mentioning the extra special feeling you get when it is differing companies. More so is if it is differing companies AND differing products (coach driver/bus driver for example) A Stagecoach driver waves at a Marchants driver. Aah! See now, that is the opus.


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