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Why Labour Lost the Election and Why it is Nothing to do with Corbyn

Well firstly if you are considering not using your vote, you are a malignant and effervescent twerp. In a bad way.

Do you have any idea how many scores of thousands of your countrymen and women

died, in agonising and hopeless ways to get you this privileged position?

Do you know how many millions worldwide would give anything to have free elections? The truly oppressed fight and die for this in Uganda, Zambia, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Kazakhstan. Of course not to mention Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, Malaysia, and China. Yet you can't be bothered to read a manifesto.

If you have a genuine abstention reason. You are a forceful third party activist and no candidate is standing for example, fair enough. However, any of that shite about "they're all the same" blah blah are you! You are all pointless proles with whiny selfish needs and you only care about what you can get. So stop thinking you are any better. These people fought like nobody's business to represent you and what do you do? You insult their integrity and you probably do not even know their names!

Try it this way, when you go out on the piss on a Friday. You will go in a pub. Often you do not like the bouncers in that particular place. You may not like the type of whisky they have, but you go in and give it your money because it offers the best for your needs.

If you are catching a bus, do you not catch it and walk all the way home if it does not drop you at the door? No. you take the one that gets you closest. See what I am getting at?

So use your vote, If you do not, then don't you DARE complain about prices, traffic congestion, immigration, law and order, quality of television for the licence fee, prices of booze and fags, traffic wardens, drug-addicts, building regulations, fox-hunting or anything else. You do not deserve it. You have disenfranchised yourself and are a self-inflicted outcast.

Don't vote=shut the fuck up


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Jan 08, 2020

Totally agree. Now, how about an electoral system that delivers better representation and eradicates safe seats and wasted votes?


Nov 28, 2019

Oh I absolutely love this and wholeheartedly agree. It’s so simple to just vote for the group that best supports your own needs. Easy least. Get it done.

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