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A Day in the Life: The Beatles

I am starting a series of analysis of songs. I will be starting at the spectrum's end

Paul Gambaccini once said of A Day in the Life, the swansong of the seminal Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album, that it was about as far as music took us and we have not been back there since.

For this reason I will not analyse it. You do not analyse the Dead Sea Scrolls or the original first copy of Ulysses. You bow down to it.

This is a practically perfect statement by the "Godfather of Pop". Listening to this song with its structure, its strings, the quality, and the lyrical magnificence, I find myself asking, did they know what they had done. I think they did, yes.

So thank you, Beatles. This is really your gift to the world, and it is not found wanting.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, of course. Except here. This is just perfect. If you disagree, you are doing it to sound cool, be a hipster, or because you are in the Allen family. Either way you are wrong. That is you, yourself are wrong, a "wrong 'un". Your opinion is not even at atom level.

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With all Beatles-related posts here at Nicely Put,

we give credit for technical info to the magnificent

Revolution in the Head by Ian Robertson. available

here at Amazon. A total must-have for any Beatles fan

and as one who has had it and read it non-stop for endless

hours, I am still not close to finishing it. It has music and vocal

info, stories, influences, stats, and a glossary of the timeline of the


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