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Dear Climate Protestors

A short note from the general populace regarding your worthy cause and your protesting that has been garnering so many column inches over the recent times.

I would like to say that you have lost my and, I suspect, many others sympathy and support with your gluing of each other to commuter trains. Let me explain why.

You see "commuter trains" and you see frustrated office bods rushing home to Egham and Ruislip to catch The One Show and you think their ire is a small price to pay for keeping the world aware of this struggle.

You see students and telephone engineers, tired but needing educating of the catastrophic legacy our acquiesce has coughed out.

You see tiresome folk with nothing to say or do, soaked with that maddening apathy that the world of hate and extremism has ying-yanged into the early-millenial mindset as it approaches the inevitability of mid-life crises and "the change"

You see all of this the way the fat-cats and authorities see you, as dirty, self-righteous beatniks and spoiled rich-kid post-grad layabouts. The swarm of faux-political miscreants that only the hate-tinted totalitarian fascists - masquerading as leaders - could be repugnant enough to misjudge.

Let me tell you what I see.

I see a man, a man who sees his infant baby once a week for two hours on the only day he finishes early enough to be able to without dropping the mortgage.

I see a girl, who is on her way to the airport. She is going home to Brazil for a wedding. A wedding her native family will ostracise her for missing. They do not understand the folly of people stopping trains to protest the destruction of the countryside in their home by comparatively wealthy people half a planet away, and they certainly will not accept it as a good enough reason.

After that, I see a mother and her two children. They will not get to the hospital on time for the children to say goodbye to the Uncle who has been like a father to them since their real one chose Ketamine over them and disappeared into the free-party scene two years ago.

I also see two parents on the way to an appointment for their autistic son. This son also suffers from crippling MS and twitches and shakes in agony whilst collapsing inside under a mental anguish you and I cannot possibly realise the hell of. Neither can the doctor in charge of issuing the grant that will not only extend his life for up to twenty years. This is because he misses the appointment he has waited six months for. The parents who were praying for respite care, medicinal cannabis licence, in-home help and renovations. Now instead they get to wait on hold for 25 minutes, only to speak to a nasty person who doesn't care or want their genuine excuse. She will be so annoyed about being held up last night on the way home and she is taking it out on people today.

At the front of the train I see the driver. A man of God. With a good heart. However, the tragic accident that led to the death of a protestor upset him so much he took his own life through guilt and shame.

I see stuff that I am not aware of. It does exist though. Everyone has a story. Sometimes that is all they have. Including yourselves.

Who on earth do you think you are hurting by this? You are the worst kind of people. No-one who truly loved the rest of humanity would choose such an arrogantly stupid form of so-called protest.

So please do not speak for me in the future. You are not my kind of people. I am not really sure who's you are, except perhaps your own. Pretty sure that is all this is about. Vanity and sincerity are mutually exclusive.

Now get off my fucking train.

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Thanks for reading. Joking aside it's a real honor to me. It's a really big kick and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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plus the dreaded...
plus the dreaded...
Oct 30, 2019

Well I don't agree but I thank you hugely for your input. I always welcome and value intelligent respectful input and debate and have much love for anyone who joins up. Welcome.


Oct 29, 2019

Gotta disagree with you on this one. What's inconvenience for a short period (as, ultimately, on that day, any one of these people could have the same misfortune levelled upon them by being involved in a car breakdown or a suicide on the train line) compared to raising awareness such as the future of an increasingly damaged planet. The UK may be a small polluter compared to the US, China and India, but some sort of change needs to begin elsewhere. XR may be in your face, which naturally tends to upset the average British voter on issues other than immigration and the EU, but at least they're trying.


Oct 19, 2019

It's such a shame that the media in my opinion seams to be egging them on by giving them all this publicity.

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