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Interview with Fan-Fave star of TOP BOY

Nicely Put is absolutely thrilled to have the chance to sit down with one of the most terrifying fictional TV characters in recent times! The talented Scantana Lawrence, a.k.a Lester. Ganja-puffing, gun-toting Jamaican sociopath whose actions set the next season off!

It is an stellar privilege to learn from a man who has truly been in the thick of it. Location shoots for one of the most gritty and gripping dramas to ever grace our screens.

In an interview you won't see ANYWHERE else we now hear from the man about his life, the series, and a few little secrets none of us knew before.

He is working on some exciting music projects and has dropped his social media links. Please follow, like, and subscribe to hear more. After all, do YOU want to ignore Lester?

Good afternoon

Hi! Great to have you here. Thanks again for giving Nicely Put an exclusive interview to be published on the Facebook groups Top Boy Fans Worldwide. For a start, how are you, tell us about yourself? How is it going for you and yours in these crazy times?

I must say thanks again for allowing me on your platform. It's a pleasure, I'm currently doing fine my family is great staying socially distant where we can and keep sanitized per usual.

Top Boy Season 3/1 whatever we are calling it (it is a constant confusion here!) was a rip-roaring success. It must feel great for you, especially to have played such a vibrant character?

Well, the first two seasons of TB were kind of amalgamated to create one season as the first two seasons were short. So technically its season 3 but has been dubbed season 2. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I think the character was a great character to set the tone of the season.

Some would say you were the most important character in the whole show. Like in Star Wars the guy who doesn't kill the droids! As if he hadn't done what he did, the whole storyline would never happen. Just like with Lester. Had he not been killed, the whole thing would never kick off with Sugar. In many ways, your character is the key to everything. Have you ever thought that?

I totally agree that Lester was key to the whole story line of the season however I think the character could have developed more to show why he was such a loose canon.

Did you know from the off that you would be killed? Was that explained at casting? Was that disappointing or was it more satisfying to play such an explosive presence and go out with a bang, so to speak?

Once you're selected for the role you know all the parameters, so it's just work after that. Whether the role says you're going to die or live the objective is to capture every single moment and make it believable. Acting is for the classroom, you have to bring real life to camera.

How was it working with Ashley? Is there much Dushane in him?

Working with Ashley was like working with a friend. He a real person with real problems in real situations. What sets him apart is how he reacts to things that happen to him. There was an instant on set where Ashley almost got into it with a crew member but it was immediately diffused and he was back to work. I rate the man. I learned a lot from him in a short space of time.

Is music going to be your only direction or can we look forward to seeing you in anything else.

No, music will not be my only career path as I have an Associate's Degree in Performing Arts so naturally I will be sharing my talent to its full extent. You can look for more work in the future but I can't speak on them so yet. Just follow my social media for updates. @scantana -instagram @scantana1-Twitter SCANTANA-TV ON YOUTUBE.

On a serious note. With the recent tragedies in America, the blight of racial prejudice in all areas is thankfully being addressed. At Nicely Put and Top Boy Fans Worldwide we have been vocal advocates of Black Lives Matter and the group owner has purged any that disagreed with our stance. As a young black actor do you agree with what Cuba Gooding Jnr says about too many roles of vice and malign practice going to young black talent? In your experience are you given more roles of drug dealers or convicts when you should also be considered for dance studio owners, or airline pilots? Is that a thing of the past, or in your experience is it still prevalent?

As it relates to the types of roles given to blacks/whites I think in today's industry it is a bit more diverse however these roles are given because of the story lines depicted in these films. Regardless of the role you get in the beginning,it's how you apply yourself in your career which determines the roles you get. Subsequently. Some of us stick ourselves within a criterion which limits our potential because of belief systems, (selling out, what our friends n followers will say, etc.). I'm a testimony that there are no limits to ability once you apply yourself.

One question about the characterisation. As someone who lives in the islands, do characters like Sugar really exist? A man with such influence he can order hits in a second from half a world away from a Kingston jail cell? I have to say I found that a bit of a stretch so I would love your input.

Dons are real Everywhere in the world. I was shocked that the writer knew such information because it was spot on. I mean the movies are always exaggerated in some way but the concepts stem from real-life happenings.

Having been in acting, would you look to showcase your work as soundtracks? It seems to be a good way to increase your fanbase and potential audience? As an actor you must have a headstart on what works best?

Showcasing my talent as a soundtrack sounds interesting. I'm always open to innovative ways to showcase my talent/gifts. It's how you build legacy.

Listen, thanks for answering the questions and joining the group. Good luck with the music and we all wish you well. However, I would be remiss to all the guys and girls on the fansite of I didn't ask the most common question. Do you have ANY idea of when the next series will drop?

Unfortunately no I don't know when the next series starts. But I will make an inquiry and get back to you.

Had to ask!

Thanks again bruv. Much love and respect for your future endeavors. Any message for our readers. A lot of people look up to you. What is your advice?

It takes 10 years to become an overnight success. If you quit in your 9th year you have to start all over. Keep grinding.

1verb and the GangVerb


Great! See you soon we hope!

Interview conducted by Martin James


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