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Leave me a message on here or Twitter with your examples and I'll put them on. Let's see when we can get to 100. I will start. Click here for an opening lines list

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Intro.

What is Said: I pulled up to the house about 7or 8

What I Heard: I pulled up to the house of El Salvador reigns

Whitney Houston: Saving All My Love for You

What is Said: I'm saving all my love for you /

What I Heard: I'm shaving off my muff for you

Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit:

What is Said: He we are now, entertain us

What I heard: Here we are now, in containers

Michael Jackson: Part of Me:

What is Said: You're Justy Another Part of Me

What I heard "You're just another pot of minge"

Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody:

What is Said: Spare him his life for this monstrosity

What I Heard: Spare him his life for his own sausages

Grease: Fairground Scene - Kenickie and Rizzo as she is on the Ferris Wheel:

What is said: K- Thats a bona - Fide offer

R-Well its not moonlight and roses but

What I heard: K- Thats a boomerfied author

R-Well he wrote Moonlight and Roses

Beatles: Can't Buy Me Love

What is Said: Can't Buy Me Love

What is Heard: Count Bobby Love

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I'd much rather be Forever in blue jeans/Rebel in blue jeans

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