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Peaky Blinders Season 6: Who is Gina Gray and who are her family?

In season 5, we have met slimy Michael's new bride, Gina, played by Anna Taylor-Joy. Maybe you see a strong-minded young American lady, not to be pushed around and knowing what she wants. maybe you see the coke-happy, snotty attitude-sporting, spoiled little princess who does not seem to think losing the family fortune is a fair reason for Michael to be punished.

Either way, here at Nicely Put we can reveal who we think she is. Do not worry, we are not one of the obvious bores saying she is part of Capone's mob or a spy for Moseley.

No, we believe her wealth, sense of entitlement, references to a family across the pond interested in nefarious activities, but not wanting to be seen to deal with ruffians. There is only one possible conclusion. She belongs to that clan that has been called "The Royal family of America": She is a Kennedy.

Let us see why. She has street smarts, but she is wealthy and has influence (or at least comes from those who do). She is not to be pushed around. However, she gives off the air of someone who is that way because she has to be. The Kennedy family came from a time that to be an Irish in America was considered a bad thing. Boarding houses saying "No Irish" were commonplace in New York, not hiring Irish was as common a workplace-policy as GDPR is today in the new world. They fought prejudice against "Muckers" (a derogatory name for the Irish). Somehow they overcame this prejudice to become one of the most powerful dynasties in the world.

Joseph Kennedy, the father of Robert and John, was a bootlegger. His distilleries in Scotland funneled booze to his distributors in New York and Boston. Joseph Kennedy was a Catholic. The Peaky Blinders are in allegiance with Catholic mobs in Glasgow and are of the Catholic faith themselves. He also had heavy mob-ties. To make a move into interests in the narcotic-industry to make up the shortfall after the repeal of prohibition would be a natural progression. Something almost every mob in America was doing, especially as unions, gambling, and prostitution all bought in pennies compared to what the drug market would. Paying for your son to get into the Oval Office is not cheap.

So why would Joe not think of seeing if his savvy great-niece's new beau, whose family is investing monies in the stock-market that must come from illegal gains, would be able to assist in a global market scheme involving the growth industry of heroin? However, Mr. Kennedy certainly would not want to deal with a "razor-gang". Giving rise to what Michael foolishly said

So we will see. If we are wrong it will not matter as that will mean that Peaky Blinders is back again and we will be past caring.


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plus the dreaded...
plus the dreaded...
Mar 15, 2020

Did she have a "Bobby for Hotel concierge" or "John for Ewing oil" (Dallas) one too? I don't know. I want to be right but the Kennedys are really not that big a deal here. I was wondering maybe Arnold Rothstein? He and Lansky were into heroin. Then again Moseley would not be involved with her if that were the case.


Mar 15, 2020

I like your theory. My father in-law was a US senator and they despised the Kennedy's. One of the few families who would admit

it. My mother in law even wore a pendant that stated " Kennedy for Lifeguard" ( Ted) !

plus the dreaded...
plus the dreaded...
Mar 05, 2022
Replying to

I was right!!!


Dec 21, 2019

Interesting theory

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