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Spider-Man: Far From Home Sequel is the Most Exciting Movie of MCU Phase 4

There are many titles in the upcoming Marvel phase. The as yet untitled sequel to Far From Home, boasts the most engrossing premise.

The epic conclusion to MCU Phase 3 is a tough act to follow. Similar to going on stage after the previous act brings the house down. All this means is the stakes are higher. Cast and crew have to up their game, which is great for the audience and the industry.

Tom Holland’s return is confirmed. Watching him deal with the potential fallout from the mid-credit scene of Far From Home with his infectious affability, is a must-see for his many fans.

Many Spider-Man supporters felt Tom Holland was made to play Spider-Man as junior Iron Man, and Peter a burgeoning Tony Stark. This complaint is accurate but not totally valid. After all, Far From Home was set immediately post Endgame and was always going to have Ironman residue. The preceding events were too magnificent to not carry over. Still, that is finished now. Seeing Spider-Man shaking off the Stark/Ironman comparisons is exactly what will make this new movie so appealing and vital to the integrity of Phase 4.

What about the antagonist? Many say the MCU finished on such a high because it had the perfect villain in Thanos. Once again, this makes it difficult for the team following but rewarding for the viewers.

Although Dr Octopus and Electro are confirmed to re-appear, the new blood has been speculated to be Kraven the Hunter - real name Sergei Kravinoff. This was given weight by director Jon Watts in an Uproxx interview. The tantalising thought of a villain who is not aiming for reward is something for the audience to appreciate. Yet unlike Thanos, it is not power/sociopathic equilibrium that fuels this force, but quite simply sport.

He is not the universe-ending sort of villain. So he may be played more like a deadly opponent than a nemesis. It is possible Kraven’s interest in hunting Spiderman is due to his identity being revealed. Perhaps the destruction and chaos is more for the two antagonists already cast. However this would not make Kraven any less impressive or worthy as a foe, certainly no less intriguing.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the story may involve Peter’s anonymity being restored using magic, as did happen in two comic versions. This is given weight by Benedict Cumberbatch confirming his return as Doctor Strange. A story some may write off as “…and then they woke up.” Considering the cast in place, it is unlikely to be that.

A certain alchemy is all but guaranteed. Seeing Spider-Man fight the worlds media and an unknown formidable foe is a hamper of potential. Then add the disproportionately wonderful comic relief of the well-loved Ned Leeds, and Peter’s late-adolescent trials and tribulations, it promises a bumper-fest of lore and action to set up the fourth incarnation as a total success.


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