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Ten Best Lesser Known Beatle Songs

We all love Hey Jude, and Yesterday, We are All the Walrus Needs is Love etc etc. How about some of the other album tracks that were not as exposed but just as good?

  1. I've Just Seen a Face (Lennon/McCartney:* Help! 1965)

  2. Girl (Lennon/McCartney: Rubber Soul 1965)

  3. P.S. I Love You (Lennon/McCartney: Please Please Me 1963)

  4. Here There and Everywhere (Lennon/McCartney: Revolver 1966)

  5. Happiness is a Warm Gun (Lennon/McCartney: The Beatles 1968)

  6. I Need You (Harrison: Help! 1965)

  7. Mean Mr Mustard (Lennon/McCartney: Abbey Rd 1969)

  8. All I've Got to Do (Lennon/McCartney: With The Beatles 1963)

  9. Across the Universe (Lennon/McCartney: Let it Be 1970)

  10. Good Day Sunshine (Lennon/McCartney: Revolver 1966)

* Underline denotes lead vocalist (where applicable)

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