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Thick People are the Answer to Covid

I have asked who is to blame, I gave an answer. Then I will ask who can save us? The answer? Imbeciles, morons, idiots, the very folk we bemoan for spreading this pernicious virus.

I take a drive. I have a prescription to drop off (volunteer driving, aren't I a lamb?) and it is in the...trying to find a polite term for "not so salubrious"...let's say "shithole". There. You sense the tone, right?.

Now this particular shithole is not unlike other shitholes, in that you have to drive through other shitholes to get to them. That is never unusual, except in places like Cheltenham. They leave mildly run-down, or slightly cramped social housing to be seen, but in a town known for the gentry, the most secure military and civil intelligence installation in the world, the most wealthy jump race meeting on earth, blue ladies, and a really below par football team, they make the truly dilapidated areas tough to find, they cannot have commuters and casual visitors seeing that. a commonly known, if morally reprehensible tactic.

Stay together, decay together

Anyhoops, I took a left, and a right, drive down some disgustingly ignored roads pocked with potholes like Bryan Adams face, then down a longer road with a speed-slab (a bump would imply rounded) strange that the Cala Homes estate has tiny but effective chicanes that are in no way damaging. I wonder why? All the while I notice one constant, people mingling, kids playing with other kids, gangs of six or seven lads hunched and patrolling. Social distancing has no place here. That then made me realise something else, this is only one town and I have seen it in all of these areas. I made three journeys in the last six weeks to said area, and each time the same. The only variable was the weather. The time it was raining there were way less, obviously.

So to go back to saying it is only one town tells me that this will be happening in Swindon, York, Chichester, Lytham St Anne’s, Saffron Waldron, Carshalton, and every single province in every single town in every single country. If not worse. I am sure the WHO advice does not enter the tribal mountain villages where it is warlord rule in Pakistan. I was suddenly faced with the stark obviousness and the blinkered foolishness that infects the decision-makers. These people think the whole country, give a handful of troublemakers are doing what they are told. No. They most certainly are not, and they are "not doing it" en masse and everywhere, Boris.

Though I must stress, I see this as an incredibly good thing. Soon we will be relaxing restrictions. Imagine, if you will, the spike in infections of Covid-19 when we start to go back to our consumer-driven mass-flocking existences. Football games, markets festivals. It would be unreal. Like a giant death camp with dysentery spreading like oil in water. However, how great it will be that we may be saved by the very turnip-headed simpletons who stand in halter-top and leggings with hoop-earrings and hands on hips spouting opinions that begin with "I ain't being funny but..." and "The thing is..." while a director-chair sat tattooed half-racist brother-in-law chimes in with "You can't tell me that..." all of these preceding shockingly unintelligent and dangerous, usually far-right opinions based on imagined ire and media-fed misconceptions. I can here you all calling me judgemental and a snob. you know I'm right. These are the people who refuse to accept anything they cannot understand not being true The thing that bothered me though is this constant belief by the uninformed and the politically rebellious that there is some hidden agenda, some reason to fight and resist. Think about it. Boris knows he is onto a loser with this. The fucking disease nearly killed him, and they still say he has no idea. ANYTHING short of curing it himself, on live feed, will result in disapproval. It will either be "he should’ve done this" or ""I always said if they had done xxx at the start..." (amazing how much people with no medical or government experience know about population management in a global pandemic) so there is zero interest in this from anyone. No one wants it.

Dominic Cummings

Anyway, the point is, all these people, these millions across the country, they are making it so that the return to normality will be such a slighter incline because they have been carrying on as normal anyway! Thus reducing the severity of the shock to the population system. Think of it as at school in summer when you are allowed to take your tie off, these are like the kids that never bothered to wear them anyway. Yet for once the posing and blasé stubbornness that they think seems rebellious and irreverent just may be our saving grace. even though it comes from being uninformed and goofy.

To reaffirm, I have just got back from the shops, the Tesco in my village, Bishops Cleeve. Countless couples, groups of three and four lads, people buffing into each other, and the staff are even worse. They hop over the barriers, use entrances for exits, and short of someone defecating on the meat counter, I do not think the ubiquitous manager at the tills purveying his/her fief would step in.

So people are just not doing what they should. They are going on Twitter and ranting about Dominic Cummings, claiming they follow the rules which is utter bollocks. My experience in this horror has taught me that the louder someone spouts rules, champions the distancing, claps on a Thursday, the more they are doing it for catharsis, and they infringe as much as any minister does.

So what does it tell us, it tells us that stupid people are never going to stop being stupid, self-righteous people who spab dictum and dogma have something to hide, and sadly, and I mean sadly, we need both. They may have saved your life.

If we had all stayed home, really locked down, then when we finally relaxed the spike could’ve caused a second lockdown. Maybe ignorance and blinkered oafishness will be better than any antidote. Of course maybe I am wrong, in which case test anthrax on them.


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