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Musical Criminals #1. Destiny's Child 

The lyrical perfection of Bug-a-Boo. What really ladies, you actually pay your own way?! Well hail to Harriet Tubman, you are the saviours of womankind and the end to oppression The ironic tongue in cheek of Independent Women, a song from a movie about three women (!) who do everything a rich white man tells them to, as well as giving them a man to oversee them, is not lost.

Those are worthy. However, what I praise you most for is something else. That song "Survivor ". When asked what it was that inspired it, they responded with saying it was about having the strength to endure the struggle of creating the album. Yeah. Finally, someone said it.

These pampered minimum wage brats don't know how lucky they have it. Getting the chance to get out of bed two hours before dawn and less than 5 hours after falling asleep, (so that they develop erratic and confused body clocks, another fringe benefit) and take public transport that bears what is best described as a "maddeningly arbitrary " resemblance to the published timetables. Giving them the privilege of missing connections and losing a job in the probation period.

Yet you, you bloody troopers you, have to suffer a massive wage influx. After that, a cosy studio and a stocked limousine to and from. Then, you have to put up with cutting age equipment making you appear vocally capable. You have professional musicians and songwriters thrust upon you, as well as a team of researchers, influencers, and marketeers, as well as a squad of copyright legal brains ensuring your unfairly bought market dominance.

It is not like it ends after the SIX HOUR day without any breaks after the first four. No. No way. Then you have to go to a restaurant. FOR FREE. Good grief you are the epitome of gracious martyrdom.

The next day, rather than a lie in, you get up only 11 hours later, and have to go and say nine words about Givenchy and get a paltry seven-figure insult handout.

Beyonce, Kelly, and the other one: you are wonderful. You are right, getting through making that album makes you "suvivahs" I know "You not goan-a give up" you keep saying it. then you keep telling me why and that your mum taught you not to look up porn online or something

The only thing I do not get is why, the so-called artist like The Beatles didn't sing a song like that after changing history with that album they only had to write, create, promote, and stake their careers on. Then they get praised for only changing the whole industry forever. Not ONCE did they wear camoflauge keks.

Thank you you three (roughly) We owe you. Thank you for your class and modesty.

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