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New Phonetic Alphabet

The old one is past it. Who the foxtrot thinks about Foxtrot? No way. It is time for a new one and here it is!

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A Antidisestablishmentarianism

B Bratislava

C Chickadee

D Dropsy

E Egbert

F Feculunce

G Grunting

H Hardest

I Itchy

J Jeraboam

K Kissyfur

L Length

M Mmmmmmm

N Nibble

O Oojammaflip

P Phalanx

Q Quivering

R Rockabilly

S Spurt

T Thwack

U Urges

V Viscount

W Waft


Y Yikes

Z Zed-Bed

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It is ours to change


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