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Plot holes in The Dark Knight that fans should not forgive, and ones they most certainly should

IMPORTANT NOTE: The reason this is only a short list is it was a sample sent in to Screen Rant that they asked me to do and it did not make the cut, so I posted it here. Hence why it appears rushed and incomplete

The Dark Knight revolutionized comic-book/superhero movies. It brought back and introduced many to this riveting new re-imagining of a tired fable.

The price of this was maybe that there were a few little holes and errors that should not have been. That said, some were acceptable. That is the time where you get to tell the nitpicking gangs of hipsters and haters to keep their lunch down. After all they will watch any number of ludicrous “real-life” sitcoms that boast far more absurd leaps-of-faith than any DC or Marvel offering.

So here you will find when to say “yay” and when you say “hey”

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1: The Joker Looks for Harvey Dent

Batman leaps out to save Rachel. Afterwards, lying together, relieved, but shaken, in an almost post-coital way, she thanks him for keeping Harvey safe. As safe as he can be in a cupboard, feet from the Joker and his crew, protected by the robust strength of a mop. “He’s safe” utters DK. No he’s not Bruce! What are you thinking? They would have found him and slaughtered him. Failing that, The Joker is still there, armed, angry, and terrorizing your guests. One star on Trip Advisor for fundraisers. I hope he got the donations upfront.

2: The visit to Gambol

Gambol is crime lord of arguably the most corrupt, vice-riddled metropolis since…Metropolis. He would NOT take delivery of an unchecked corpse from unknown soldiers, especially a psycho he had publicly marked. His goons would’ve checked it, maybe cut a part off to validate, spoke to their capo, who would tell the under-boss, and Gambol would give the nod. It feels lazy and inserted. You can forgive absurdities, not the absurd. Plus why do none of the giant thugs fight back when somehow easily overpowered by weedy street urchins? Implausible and unbecoming of this masterpiece.


1: The Jokers Ambush

One of the hipster’s favorite bugbears is the underground tunnel scene. The Joker getting all that tech, guys, and routes, times etc. when security was so tight was ridiculous. Regardless of whether it was or was not, to the purists I say "Settle down, Tight-Jeans". it was a beautifully shot, amazingly choreographed, and subliminally scored piece of cinematic glory. Film-making at its most spectacular. You could feel the early nineties Gotham failures being forgotten in the synapses of a million fans as this beautiful sequence rolled out.


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